Streetwise Soccer is the UK's No. 1 football event company, with a range of portable football skills inflatables, cages and activities available for hire for any type of event across the country. 

We work with clients including high profile brands, professional football clubs, event companies and public sector / youth organisations to deliver unique fun football experiences suitable for all.

Check out our range of kit available for hire below.


The ultimate test of skill, our Panna Football Cages offer a truly unique playing experience, with the aim of the game being to out-skill your opponent with goals and nutmegs. Games can either be played in a 1v1 or 2v2 format, with a standard and large sized Panna Cage available for hire.


This is an entirely new way of playing football, making it a fun and memorable experience; a perfect activity for youth workshops, community fun days, fan parks and brand activation events. 

Our Panna Football Cages can be set-up in any safe space thanks to their compact design, making them ideal for events / projects located within built-up urban environments. The ultimate Street Soccer skill is the Panna (termed a ‘nutmeg’ in the UK) with those on the receiving end hanging their heads in shame! A Panna is often rewarded with double points and in some cases results in an instant win!


Small: 4.5m diameter, Standard: 5.5m, Large: 6.5m, XLarge: 7.5m

Height: 2.5m on all options

Union Station_Socail Media_Day 2-70.jpg


The ICON Fast Feet is one of the world’ most effective and fun football training aids, testing a player’s ability through a wide range of skills challenges.


Each player is challenged to strike the ball against random highlighted panels within a set time, testing and improving skills such as passing, control, reaction time, touch and awareness. Each player is awarded a score at the end of their challenge, making this activity perfect for matchday fan zones, corporate events, brand activations and team building.

This equipment runs on pre-charged batteries and therefore does not require mains electric power.


2.5M Diameter


Our incredibly popular Football Speed Cage activity gives players the opportunity to put their shooting power to the test. 


Using a state of the art speed radar, the Football Speed Cage will measure the power of a players shot and display it for all to see on a large LED display placed behind the inflatable. 

This game is ideal for public and corporate events, where friends and colleague can compete with each other to see who has the most power in their boots! As with all our inflatables, corporate branding can also be added to create a visually striking activity. 

Also, if football isn't your thing it can be used to record speeds in other sports such as Tennis, Golf & Rugby. 


4m x 4m x 3m


Our Inflatable 3v3 Street Football Pitches allow you to create a competitive playing arena in minutes, giving players the opportunity to show off their skills in small-sided games. They are simple and easy to set up, can be used indoors or outdoors and measure 15m x 10m. 

3v3 Street Football strips away the traditions and formalities of football, giving players total control over how they want to play the game, rewarding both individual skills and scoring goals. 

​Our Street Football Pitches are available to hire for any type of event either as a 'Have A Go' activity or as part of more structured Street Football experiences & tournament events. 


15m x 10m x 0.8m


The ICON Target Wall is a revolutionary and state of the art piece of  technology which tests striking accuracy, touch, control and composure.


The ICON Target Wall can be easily branded and incorporates an innovative and accurate scoring system which provides instant feedback, making this item perfect for corporate events and exhibitions, team building events, matchday fan zones and sports festivals.

This equipment runs on pre-charged batteries and therefore does not require mains electric power.


3.2m x 1.8m


Our Football Targetshot activity puts your shooting accuracy to the test, with six targets to aim for.......Can you beat the keeper?!


The Football Targetshot is suitable for all ages, is easy to set up and can be branded as part of corporate brand campaigns. It is the perfect 'have a go' activity, suitable for all ages & abilities - it is also highly-addictive, ensuring the activity is busy all day. 


The Football Targetshot is available for hire for events across the UK - ideal for festivals, family fun days, fan zones & corporate events. 


4m x 4m x 3m


Football Darts has taken the UK & social media by storm in the last few years  – and now you can hire our very own Inflatable Football Darts Board for your event!


The scoring area is made out of Velcro, with the Velcro footballs sticking to their target upon contact. This is fantastic fun for all, with different height options available.

Inflatable Football Darts is suitable for all ages, is easy to set up and can be branded as part of corporate brand campaigns. It is the perfect 'have a go' activity, suitable for all ages & abilities - it is also highly-addictive, ensuring the activity is busy all day. 


Our Inflatable Football Darts is 4m tall, making it suitable for both children and adults to play so they can reach those high scores!


6.5m x 5m x 5m


Table Football (also known as Foosball) is a game enjoyed in pubs and sports bars around the world and we are delighted to now include it as part of our fantastic range of fun football activities available for hire across the UK.


Our top of the range Table Football units incorporate telescopic poles,  solid player figures, glass table top, folding legs and wheels to ensure they can easily be moved in and around your venue. 


Perfect for corporate events, work conferences, staff parties and football fanzones, all units are set as 'free play' meaning guests can enjoy them as much as they like. Our service includes delivery, set up and de-rig. 


1m x 1m x 1m


Football Pool is a unique activity which merges two popular sports into one exciting game. The game of pool is played in our giant table, using footballs as the pool balls and your feet as the cue! 

This game has become very popular across the UK over recent years and is ideal for football fanzones, corporate events, brand activations, experiential marketing and youth engagement programmes. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our Football Pool table can be fully branded. Our table can also be reduced in size for confined areas.

Our Football Pool table is available for hire for events across the UK.


Small: 4.5m x 2m, Standard: 6.5m x 3m




Our Football Tennis activity is a fun activity for all ages, with our inflatable structure providing a ready-made court for players to practice their headers and volleys!

Measuring 10m x 8m, the court provide ample space for numerous players to get involved, with the removable net making it easy to adapt the game for younger players if necessary. 

This activity is perfect for sport & youth holiday programmes, football fanzones and college / university freshers events. 


10m x 8m x 1.5m