A Portable Football / Sports Court transforms an open space into a dynamic sports and activity arena in a matter of minutes, providing organisations and their communities with the opportunity to play football almost anywhere! Ideal for festivals, tournaments and community projects, the Portable Football / Sports Court is an ideal tool to engage children and young people with and get them active in their community. 

Each court is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle and can be transported in 3m sized trailer or medium / large van. Each court comes with a netting surround to ensure play is kept within the boundaries of the court. All frames, connector posts and goals are made from aluminium, with laminated hardwood panels allowing for effective advertising space. Each panel is made from hard wearing, noise reducing materials and can be customised to correspond with your brand, advertising and team requirements.


In addition to being beneficial to developing sports skills, the Portable Football / Sports Court is ideal for councils, community football trusts and youth organisations delivering outreach work in the community as it is completely portable and can be set up anywhere safe and flat. A portable football / sports playing area that can be set up in parks, schools, housing estates and town centre's is an incredibly valuable piece of kit to hold as they are so effective in engaging with children and young people, with more and more community sports work being based around the concept of taking new and innovative 'street' sports out into the community to engage with youths as a diversionary tactic to combat anti-social behaviour, improve relations in the community and provide a positive sporting experience for young people on their doorstep. 


The Portable Football / Sports Court links in with this concept of 'street sport' perfectly; it is completely portable, is easy to set up, is different to anything youths would have seen before and has a high impact wherever it is taken.

Purchase your own Portable Football Court

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Upon order, your Portable Football / Sports Court will be with your within 4-8 weeks . Email us at info@streetwisesoccer.co.uk for more information, alternatively give us a call on +44 (0)7928 517 239

Purchase Cost: Contact us for a quote


Frame construction:

> Made from aluminium, approx. 30 mm thick

> Barrier height approx. 94 cm


> Made from aluminium with integrated weights

(approx. 10 kg)

> Constructed with corner and middle posts


> Hardboard, approx. 25 mm thick, laminated white

> L&H: 200x86 cm

> Effective advertising space - L&H: 912x78 cm


> Made from aluminium, fully welded

> W&H: 180x120 cm, goal depth: 70 cm

> Frame profile 80x80 mm

> Ground pipe 75x50 mm

> Aluminium bracket 50x3 mm

> Includes net


Available versions:

> Without net border

> With net border (3 m height)


> Only designed as a mobile pitch

> Not suitable as a stationary court

> Substrate must be flat

Fitting information:

> Detailed fitting instructions are included

> Entire court is delivered as a connector system

> Individual elements are equipped with hooks,

these are simply attached to the support posts

> Very simple construction

> Nets already attached to the aluminium struts

> Can be set up by two people in no time


> Easily transportable

> Quick & Easy set-up

> Aluminium Frame & Laminated Hardwood Panels

> Great Advertising Space

> Comes with or without 3m high surround netting

> Entry gate

> Bespoke sizes available


> Council Sports Development & Youth Services

> Youth Clubs and Organisations

> Community Events & Fun Days

> Brand Activation & Experientials

> Football Festivals

> School Activities

> Match-day Entertainment