Quick Feet is the proven ball skills training program that will propel players to a higher skill level quicker than any other training method


Quick Feet Accessories

Coach Upgrade

Already own the Trainer? Upgrade to the Coach with this Coach upgrade. To upgrade to Quick Feet Coach you must own Quick Feet Trainer


Quick Feet Coach is an electronic upgrade of the Quick Feet Trainer and gives you all the benefits of the Trainer and more.


Quick Feet Coach, using vocal cues for panel instructions and score announcements and is the fastest way to improve your ball skills, with result scores that give you constant feedback on your performance, Quick Feet Coach enables you to track your progress on a weekly, daily or even a drill by drill basis. You’ll see a dramatic upturn in close ball work and decision-making using the Quick Feet Coach program

Price: £29.99 plus shipping

If you have to move your Quick Feet system around from venue to venue this sturdy, stylish branded bag will keep your Quick Feet equipment protected. It is waterproof and has a separate compartment for the control console and cables. We also provide a set of protective plugs for the ends of the panels.

Carry Bag

Quick Feet Play

Although training and developing skills is at the heart of what we do, we haven't forgotten that football, at whatever level, should be fun to play. That's why we've developed the Quick Feet Play Software Package enabling you to have some fun with your Quick Feet Coach either playing solo or with another player, or a group of players. Quick Feet Play brings a bit of arcade fun to the pitch, but still keeps players focused on those core skills.


Using your laptop or netbook to access the set up screen, you input who's playing and then Quick Feet Play will do the rest; setting challenges. Quick Feet can be played on any size monitor/TV for great fun in the clubhouse or even an outside event.


Quick Feet is not only about serious training. With Quick Feet Play it's also about serious fun. This brilliant upgrade provides a competitive way to play other players, either against the clock or highest score, and with the interactive scoring system it's not only fun to play, it's great to watch too.


Play solo or head-to-head. Great for some fun at the end of a training session, brilliant as fundraiser during Open days, Quick Feet Play will quickly become the centre of attention for spectators, viewing all the action on a TV or a monitor as players push to get to the top of the leader board.


Connects directly into the coach upgrade console. Lead from laptop/netbook (VGA or HDMI) to monitor is not supplied. Play and Vision can be used together

Price: £69.99 plus shipping

Quick Feet Core Program

The Quick Feet Core Program takes the player to the next level of ball control and release techniques. Become a master of retaining possession as well as speeding up your reaction times and making perfectly angled passes to the left and the right. This CD drives the player forward with ever more challenging techniques and skills and enables you to get the most out of your Quick Feet system. Included is a video of 22 drills that cover most of the turns and on the ground passes required in a game.

Price: £24.99 plus shipping


This enables the Quick Feet COACH console to be powered by mains supply, as well as batteries.

Quick Feet Coach Adapter


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