Quick Feet is the proven ball skills training program that will propel players to a higher skill level quicker than any other training method

Quick Feet Coach


The Coach  is aimed at the users who want to get an instant score and feedback. Consisting of a Trainer, Coach Upgrade Box, Bag and a CORE skills CD, the user follows audible drills via our revolutionary coach console which gives you instant feedback using a scoring system. Our unique in-built sensors track where the panel is hit, for accuracy,  and the speed between each hit, giving you an audible score. Great fun which will keep the player in the unit trying to better their score. There are drills working on all aspects of technique including left and right foot work. With a number of preset drills, The Coach  can track a players development through many turns and touches and retain the data with the memory card, which will measure the players development.


Quick Feet Coach, using vocal cues for panel instructions and score announcements and is the fastest way to improve your ball skills, with result scores that give you constant feedback on your performance, Quick Feet Coach enables you to track your progress on a weekly, daily or even a drill by drill basis. You’ll see a dramatic upturn in close ball work and decision-making using the Quick Feet Coach program.


Quick Feet Coach’s programmable control console integrates with the Quick Feet Trainer to give audio cues and assess the speed and accuracy of your response. The control console is battery-operated, so you can set up Quick Feet Coach anywhere; on the training ground or in the gym. By taking the memory card from the control console and popping it into your computer all the drill info is available to you. We have produced easy to read results data, so you can track every player and even print out this important information


Includes: Quick Feet Trainer, Quick Feet Coach, Carry Bag, Core Skills CD


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