ICON 3.0

ICON Range

Our flagship product, now on its third iteration, used by elite teams all over the world to enhance youth player development and rehabilitation programmes.

ICON Skills Arena


The ICON is built around the idea of deliberate practice:

Intense Repetition + Instant Feedback + Expert Guidance

Designed to replicate match-realistic movements, players can fine-tune vital attributes like close control, passing accuracy, awareness, and much more. It’s also a great tool for rehabilitation after injury, facilitating controlled, low-impact training, as a stepping stone to full-contact.

  • 40-50 touches in a minute – the same as a 90 minute match
  • Professionally designed preset training programmes
  • Detailed performance data from vibration sensors

Youth development

Whilst training in the ICON can benefit players of any ability, we see the greatest gains in youth players.

As well as giving training sessions an extra competitive edge, coaches can put a player’s technique under the microscope, focusing on every stage of a pass, and giving appropriate feedback.

Players will see the benefits reflected in their improved scores, giving them the confidence they need to reach their potential.

Professionally designed training modes

ESA training programmes are built to develop specific attributes in players, covering both mental and physical dimensions.

Each ICON comes with 10 professionally designed training programmes that target specific combinations of skills, allowing coaches to focus on what really matters.

Managing return from injury

The ICON is designed to facilitate controlled, low impact training,replicating the movements a player makes during a match, while eliminating the risks of full contact practice.

Players can also track their post-recovery score against their benchmark when fit, to assess their readiness to return.