Panna Football Cage

The ultimate skills battle, our Panna Football Cages offer a truly unique playing experience, with the aim of the game being to out-skill your opponent with goals and nutmegs in either a 1v1 or 2v2 format. We have two units available to hire.

This is an entirely new way of playing football, making it a fun and memorable experience; a perfect activity for youth workshops, community fun days, fan parks and brand activation events.

​Our Panna Football Cages can be set-up in any safe space thanks to their compact design, making them ideal for events / projects located within built-up urban environments. The ultimate Street Soccer skill is the Panna (termed a ‘nutmeg’ in the UK) with those on the receiving end hanging their heads in shame! A Panna is often rewarded with double points and in some cases results in an instant win!

Dimensions: 5.5m Diameter (Standard), 6.5m Diameter (Large), 7.5m Diameter (Extra Large)
Power requirements: N/A