Streetwise Soccer is one of the UK's leading football freestyle agencies. We've worked with high profile brands including Adidas, Pepsi, Kia, ASDA and the Premier League, providing professional, reliable and incredibly skillful performers for corporate events, football fanzones, brand activations, TV and social media promotions, private functions and youth & sport events across the UK.

There are two brands of football freestyler available to hire. Firstly are more traditional football freestylers who perform amazing keepy-uppy skills using all parts of their body without dropping the ball. Then we have our Panna players who possess incredible ground-skills and are experts at nutmegging anyone they come up against!



A freestyle football performer is ideal for live events, corporate bookings, brand activations, experiential marketing, commercials, stadium events, fan parks and festivals, with their incredible skills also making them perfect brand representatives. 


Many have competed on the world stage in various competitions & championships, showcasing the amazing freestyle football talent in the UK at the moment. 


Street Soccer / Panna Players are different to more traditional Football Freestylers, in that all of their skills are performed with the ball on the ground with the aim of taking on an opponent to eventually 'nutmeg' or as we like to call it, 'Panna' their opponent.


Their quick feet, close control and creativity are unbelievable - making them ideal for brand activations, youth activities & events, schools & colleges, pre-match entertainment, social media campaigns, TV adverts and skills workshops.